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日期:2020-10-21 17:47
 A-011-Blower Door Test Procedure-20110902A
Blower Door Test Procedure
Outline 概述
The following test procedures will be required to be undertaken for the new  XX Office Building.
A blower door test is meant to measure the air tightness of a building envelope. It to ensure proper quality
of assemblies, connections and finishing.
If the test results are not achieved, then any and all costs associated with engaging another contractor will
be at the cost of the C700 General Works Contractor.
如果测试结果未达标,所有相关的费用都将由C700 总承包商承担。
Test Specification
There are several indexes that can be used and we will specify the main one, which is called n50 (the air
changes per hour at 50Pa pressure difference between indoor and outdoor, building indoor being
depressurized or under negative pressure).
有几个可供使用的指数,在此我们详细说明主要的一个叫做n50(室内和室外空气在50 帕压力下每小时的变
In order to reach the type of infiltration control we want, the n50 index should not exceed 0.95ach as a
result of the blower door test. This is not to be taken for granted and can be achieved with only a proper
quality of assemblies, connections and finishing.
为了达到我们期望的渗透控制,鼓风机门测试结果n50 指数不能超过0.95ach。这不是想当然的是需通过组
Another index usually used is i4, expressed in m3/h/m2 of envelope under 4Pa pressure difference
between indoor and outdoor. The i4 value that would correspond to the n50 specified above is
另一个常被用到的指数是i4,向楼体内挤低于4 帕的压力时室内和室外的区别。I4 指数应与以上所述n50
As a way to do the correspondence, a similarly shaped building aiming at a PassivHaus standard for air
tightness, recognized as the most stringent, would require a i4 of 0.23.
作为一种对应方法,一栋类似形状建筑的气密性达到PassivHaus 标准,被认为是***的,要求i4 指数
Air Tightness Test Failure
Velux may elect to engage a third party testing company. In the event the test results indicate that the
building has not achieved the required air tightness, not only will the cost of this and any future tests, all
costs of the rectification works shall be borne solely by the C700 General Works Contractor.
A-011-Blower Door Test Procedure-20110902A
后的测试以及整改工作等相关费用都将由C700 总承包商承担。
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